Can I get a side of judgement with that trauma ?

Tonight as I’m writing this I am very frustrated .. I feel like some people from older generations really don’t understand or take mental health seriously, depression and anxiety is real , it’s not made up, you can’t snap out of it and it’s not one sized fits all which means one person’s depression symptoms […]

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It’s never enough

I can’t stop crying, I hate it.. one thing happens, triggers me and I feel like my world is crashing down all over again, I feel betrayal, I feel sad, I feel rage, I wanna scream. How could someone I’ve done nothing but love and be there for be so nonchalant and heartless when it […]

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I don’t want to feel pain anymore, I really don’t want to feel anything I simply wanted sunshine but now there’s only thunderstorms and rain Never been perfect but my heart was so pure, my words were genuine Unfortunately, a trail of lies and a facade is what reeled me in I’ll never understand what […]

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How ?

How can you call me a bitch with the same lips you once kissed me with How can you make me feel so small when I’ve built you up on some of your worst days How can you disrespect me when I’ve spoken so highly of you to others How can you allow others to […]

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Inside the Mind of a Narcissist

I will pretend to be the perfect lover until I can no longer hide my inner flaws I will overcompensate with compliments and do things to flatter you to hide my true personality I will tell you a deep background story on how I’ve been abandoned or mistreated in the past so you can feel […]

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The light

It’s something in you that can never be taken away Your spirit naturally radiates and spreads it to the people around you Negative people will try to diminish it It’s unique, it’s bright & it’s the reason you can never give up It’s God given

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The Jenga Life

Why do we build ourselves up just to allow someone to keep taking our pieces Essentially they aren’t permanently taking our pieces but they are rearranging them and in turn, weakening our foundation You’ve worked TOO hard, you’ve dug TOO deep to let someone alter who you are Attract those with solid foundations because if […]

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I’m out of kindness, out of compassion, thoughtfulness and joy The happy soul that once lived here is tired & used like an old toddler’s toy My heart is beating fast, my blood is boiling, my tears are a waterfall I thought maybe love would save us, but I guess that’s not the case at […]

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Sometimes the walls feel like they’re closing in on me and I have nowhere to go and nobody to talk to. What makes it worse is, the walls are in my mind and all I seem to have is myself and negative thoughts..unfortunately, self doubt and low self esteem temporarily controls my life. Explaining an […]

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Positive Affirmations

you are strong you are powerful you have a beautiful mind and a soul to match you’re compassionate and selfless, often times putting others before yourself you enjoy giving more than receiving you’re humble and accept your blessings with grace you’re a healer and at the same time you’re still learning to heal yourself you’ve […]

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