We live in a generation where turning cold has become so normalized and justified because we’d rather do that than to fully understand the situation at hand, not just that but do we even take time to actually understand how the other person is feeling or their point of view?
I can guarantee you that before shit hit the fan there were signs in a million places but you just weren’t paying attention.
I place the blame in equal parts of a bad situation. No matter what I’ve been through I’ll never have hate in my heart for a soul. If I fucked with you, that was real so turning my back was never an option..we crossed paths for a reason or a season & I’ve grown into such a better fckin person and woman because of all the bull shit so you will NEVER catch me holding grudges , being cold or pretending someone doesn’t exist, that’s truly corny..if you have to act like that then maybe you haven’t fully healed from your own shit and traumas so I pray you get your peace.
You can’t forgive anyone until you forgive yourself.You can’t forgive yourself until you self reflect and heal. When you truly love yourself, you treat others based on your character & not how others have treated you in the past. Your past doesn’t define who you are or negatively impact your character unless you let it. Hurting people, holding grudges , purposely inflicting senseless pain is a reflection of how you feel on the inside about yourself.
Heal Baby ..

3 thoughts on “Heal

  1. I’ve read some of your blogs now, and watched your video channel for a while. You’re pretty sharp as well as a little burned out by how men have behaved around you. You’re not wrong about men, at least some men, and it’s perfectly normal for you to be completely pissed when you have been treated so badly.

    But don’t let it poison your ability to fall in love and have long term relationships in the future. Personally I don’t believe in monogamy, so I’m in a poly relationship with two women and sometimes more, but never without everybody knowing everything going on. I don’t think anybody, man or woman, should tell other people what to do with their bodies or their hearts, and so I encourage you to investigage polyamory and polyamorous relationships. You’d be amazed that men and women can treat each other so well, and show so much genuine respect for each other, and yet still be intimate. Love is not ownership or control. Love is wanting your love to be happy and to grow. For me it is most exciting to see my partner in a new love relationship, which makes her happy and come back to me in her happiness.

    I know this is not for everyone, but you need to find a way to love where you’re not someone’s property or possession, but rather are your own free agent at all times.

    Anyway. Thanks for following me. I hope you enjoy my blog.


    1. Thanks for reading ! As you can already probably tell, I’ve been through a lot of things and especially since I’ve experienced such traumatizing events as a teenager, that’s where most of my poetry comes from and pain unfortunately inspires my writing.

      I would say I’m in a much better place now and I am currently trying to be open and optimistic as to what the future has to hold when it comes to love and relationships. I am a firm believer in monogamy but it’s interesting seeing things from a different perspective. You’re completely right though !

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      1. Thank you for responding to my note. I’m glad to hear that you are in a better place when it comes to men and relationships. Sexual violence, unfortunately , seems to be systemic rather than purely a dysfunction by an individual, otherwise a normal person.

        We can’t ever be blind to imbalances in power relationships, and the inability of our social values to recognise that nobody owns any body means that almost everybody feels abused by the system to some degree or other.
        Sexism, misogyny, racism, priviledge, religion, homophobia, transphobia and even just plain old fashioned classism are all examples of systemic violence perpetrated through the actions of individuals. Unconsciously people act out their sense of powerlessness by picking on and hurting those people they perceive as being weaker than them, and powerless to stop them.
        Why, because they themselves feel abused or exploited, and actually, they really are beaten down and subjugated by society.
        This violation of people serves who? It serves to keep the rich rich, and the poor poor. It serves by using people’s faith in religion to oppress people who have different religions.
        The enemy of God is made human by religions designed to keep the powerful in their kingdoms over people.
        The only moral superiority is the superiority of love, respectful love of each other, male and female, white or black, Christian or Muslin, Jew or Wicca, transgendered or straight.
        We are all just people, people who actually need each other to be whole.
        I hope that you can reach peace in your life, and forgive those who have harmed you or those you love.
        In the meantime, keep writing, and keep up the good fight towards wholeness.

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