Caught Up

        So I turned twenty-five this past November ( yasssss she’s a Scorpio ) and I realized it has taken me quite awhile to grasp this concept but I know I’m not alone. Often times we, and when I say we I really mean ME lol, can get so caught up in what a person looks like that we don’t pay attention to the whole person in front of us. Of course it makes sense that we’re going to find people physically attractive before actually getting to know them but baybeeeeeeee, we need to relax and slow down sometimes because a lot of the times, physical appearance is all some people have to offer. Like damn, can I get physical attraction with a side of personality on the side ? goals ? support ? morals ?

    After your first interaction with a person, which is when you usually notice if they’re your type or not, shortly after that you should pay attention to the little things they do that makes up the bigger picture of who they are. Its nothing wrong with lusting but if you’re looking for something more long term and only paying attention to their looks, you’re going to run into a huge problem. Typically, when you’re fascinated with how someone looks you speed past every flaw they have in the beginning. I’ve personally done it multiple times and after a few times of getting bamboozled I realized I wanted better for myself. People can be good at pretending to be something they’re not, “dressing it up and making it real for you” if you will lol. A lot of guys will put on this persona like they’re such a great human being with high standards and respect for women but that isn’t the case so you want to make sure he actually SHOWS you that.

I feel like it’s all in your maturity level and what you really want in life in regards to how people treat you. It’s so easy to confuse a fling for a thing these days because people are great actors/actresses. However, if you pay attention to small details you will never be steered wrong. A few examples you should be paying close attention to are as follows: how they communicate with you when there’s a problem, how they talk to/treat the women in their family, how they react to stressful situations, how they react when they’re upset and how they respond to you when you’re telling them something you’re excited about. Also, when a person is interested in you for YOU, they show interest in what you’re interested in, whether its a hobby or a new career choice. In all honesty, just because someone is attractive doesn’t always mean they’re for you.

love you first ❤

4 thoughts on “Caught Up

  1. I was just talkin to this guy I like and we were watching this new show on Netflix “Too Hot Too Handle” idk if you’ve heard of it, but basically it’s a bunch of attractive ppl who have to form bonds with eachother with no sexual contact what so ever, not even kissing. And it led to the question, “so looks matter to you?” Or something like that and ultimately no, they don’t, but it is the FIRST impression you get from someone, but you’re right. It def isn’t everything and honestly not as important as this world leads us to believe!


    1. It’s funny bc my Netflix is on now and that exact show is up on the screen, I’m reading so I’m not watching anything but yes ! That’s exactly what I was thinking and realizing.. looks are the first thing you see but you can’t get so caught up in that and not see the person for who they really are but it’s easy to do that at times

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