The Jenga Life

Why do we build ourselves up just to allow someone to keep taking our pieces Essentially they aren’t permanently taking our pieces but they are rearranging them and in turn, weakening our foundation You’ve worked TOO hard, you’ve dug TOO deep to let someone alter who you are Attract those with solid foundations because if […]

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Sometimes the walls feel like they’re closing in on me and I have nowhere to go and nobody to talk to. What makes it worse is, the walls are in my mind and all I seem to have is myself and negative thoughts..unfortunately, self doubt and low self esteem temporarily controls my life. Explaining an […]

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Maybe I’m more fucked up than I thought.. I mean I’m receptive to the thought of having someone but allowing another person possibly hurt me to the point of no return isn’t an option. I look for things to go left so they won’t have to go right. . I’m scared. What if you hurt […]

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